Finding her way to art

Finding her way to art

Former Miss Singapore Universe, actress, host, musician, entrepreneur and certified personal trainer Jaime Teo is the very definition of a multi-hyphenate. On top of the many hats she wears, she is also a full-time mother to Renee, her 9-year-old daughter.

More recently, she added “artist” to her portfolio of talents, painting and selling her works online.

How does she juggle it all? Her advice: watch less TV and start your day early.

The avid self-learner and self-starter also follows her curiosity and spends time honing her passions. Her foray into the world of painting is such an example.

She was bitten by the art bug after she dabbled casually in painting four years ago. So, she taught herself how to paint by watching YouTube tutorials and she practised tirelessly. Her collection of works grew steadily, as did sales – she has sold more than 100 paintings to date.

“That’s the magic of learning – you can learn anything and everything, and it’s never too late,” she says, a sparkle in her eyes, before flashing a toothy grin. It must be true, that doing what you love causes happiness to radiate from within.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, The A List spoke with Teo, 42, at her art gallery at *SCAPE in Orchard Link about her artistic interests and hacks for acing life and motherhood.

What got you interested in painting?

Before I was 38, I thought that I could not paint and all that I can draw is a stickman. But my friends convinced me to go to an art jamming cafe, and I realised that painting is very therapeutic. It has helped me focus my nervous energy into a calming activity.

How has painting inspired you?

Painting trains you to be a more observant person. I now look at my surroundings and things that I never used to notice, with more intent. I study how a tree grows, how a flower blooms, and I describe them anew to my daughter.

Sometimes, we lose that sense of wonder as we grow older, but painting has allowed me to marvel more at nature, and everything becomes new to my eyes again. This has given me fresh perspectives on life in general too.

Any life hacks to recommend for busy mothers like yourself?

Keep fit, so that you will have energy for other pursuits in life. If you spend 10 to 15 minutes every day exercising, you will feel more energetic. Also, don’t forget to do the things that you enjoy and that make you happy.

The responses have been edited and condensed. See more of Jaime Teo’s artworks here.


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