Help a child overcome his fears with the arts

Help a child overcome his fears with the arts

Big firsts can seem daunting, especially for a child, from sleeping alone to learning how to ride a bicycle and yes, even getting a haircut.

It is for this reason that the Esplanade is devoting its child-friendly productions this year to helping young audiences embrace the many firsts in their lives, through values such as courage, empathy and kindness.

Shows in this theatre series, PLAYtime!, for children aged two- to six-years old, feature original works produced by the Esplanade. The shows are usually participatory, and the audience may be invited onstage to interact with the characters.

The latest PLAYtime! production, Shaggy and the Trims, explores the topic of getting one’s first haircut, being different and fitting in, through the fictional character Shaggy.

Production director and writer Carina Hales says the show was inspired by her observations of fears that young children commonly face, such as the fear of being alone and unwelcome, and the fear of the unknown.

To help children overcome their anxieties, the production offers a safe space for them to explore, in a visceral way, things they are fearful about, but which they cannot yet articulate. In Shaggy and the Trims, Shaggy will interact with the young audience and seek help and encouragement from them to address fears of fitting in and getting a haircut. In doing so, the young audience is brought along on a journey to explore and overcome their own fears, with Shaggy as a comforting companion.

So, if you are looking for a fun way to help the children in your life embrace their big firsts, don’t miss the Esplanade’s PLAYtime! productions.

Details about PLAYtime! Shaggy and the Trims here. 

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