How to hang out with the five friends you have in your 20s

How to hang out with the five friends you have in your 20s

A common refrain I hear, usually during one of my 2343 yearly coffee/dinner catch up sessions with friends and loved ones, is that there is nothing to do in Singapore. Another frequent lament: there must be new things to see and do, but they are either impossible to find, or if not, too expensive. With the help of a handy digital guide like The A List, however, that simply isn’t true any longer.

The website uses artificial intelligence to aggregate arts and culture events on the Internet, presenting them on a single platform with an intuitive, simple-to-use interface. So, you can easily rely on The A List to find new ways to catch up with your friends beyond the de facto coffee and dinner — regardless of budget and the stage of life they are at. Read on for my tips on how to hang out with five different types of friends:

1. The New Parent

We all have that one friend who is majorly surfing the adulting wave and trying to keep his/her life in balance. (On that note: How is it that I’m still always trying to remember where I last left my phone charger, when my friends are already homeowners and responsible for tiny humans?!) And as any new parent on the brink of cabin fever will agree, having someone take over the planning of an outing, especially with their kids in mind, is something they will appreciate. You can (and should) be that friend in need.

Go straight to the “Kid Friendly” tab on the A List’s homepage for ideas. From a relaxed storytelling session, which the kids are sure to love, to unique activities like paper marbling and clay sculpting, there are options galore that the whole family can enjoy.

2. The Instastory Expert

If she didn’t Instastory it, did it really happen? If your friend is the sort to document his/her weekends for posterity, pick the “Visual” genre from the drop-down list in The A List’s event search finder. And who knows, perhaps more of your friends will want to check out new art installations and shows with you two after seeing how much fun both of you had on Instagram. Perhaps.

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3. The Friend Paying Off Her/His BTO

Let’s face it: In Singapore, we are always paying off something – phone bills, credit card bills, housing loans. And even if you are not, learning to be budget-conscious is a virtue. But that is no reason to pass up on enjoying arts and culture events; you can find many free arts and culture events on The A List!

Browse free events by clicking on the “Free For All” tab on The A List’s homepage, or, if you are looking for a more targeted result, use as many filters under the advanced search option, including dates and genre, as you like.

4. The Super Last Minute Friend

It’s almost like the A List has search options catered for varying shades of spontaneity. For events happening over the weekend, check out the “What’s On This Weekend” column under the News & Views tab for a curated selection of things to do and see. If your friend is the sort who texts you at 4pm asking you if you are free to hang out that very night, The A List’s general search finder is a total lifesaver.

5. The Friend Who Wanted To Watch A Movie, But…

Perhaps you secretly suspect that your friend wants to try new things, but has a fear of change, so you always do the same things when you hang out. Perhaps you would love to introduce him/her to the arts; but you just don’t know which show to catch. Perhaps you’re just being a busybody. Whichever it is, watching someone fall in love with the arts is a joy to behold, so the next time your friend suggests a movie date, send her alternative options that nonetheless feel familiar, for example, a show, except replacing the movie with a dance, a literary reading, a staged play, or an indie film. You can easily find these alternatives by toggling between the different preferences on The A List’s homepage search finder.


6. Sometimes, You Don’t Need A Friend

Checking out events or enjoying shows on your own can be incredibly liberating and relaxing. Some of the best theatre experiences I have had were solo outings. I also have the habit of making plans with myself and then looking forward to them all week! If you are too busy to actively search for events each week, signing up for The A List newsletter means you get fresh new event listings delivered to your inbox regularly. Subscribe here. To receive new content on The A List, like us on Facebook @TheAListSG and follow us on Instagram @alistsg.

The A List’s repository of events is constantly refreshed and its easy-to-use interface makes it an invaluable tool for residents to make plans for filling their weekends with fun. Tourists can also search effortlessly for things to do on their holidays here. With The A List, you will never run out of things to do in Singapore again! Whether you’ll have the time to do it all, well. That’s a whole different story.


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