One easy route for all the night light displays
(Photos: Claudio Chock)

One easy route for all the night light displays

With two night light-up events happening around the same time in the Civic District – Light to Night Festival and I Light Singapore, and more than 40 works of art on display, things might get a little overwhelming. Perhaps you are wondering which event you should go for, with your packed schedule. The good news is, you don’t have to choose.

We’ve come up with a single, simple route that will bring you through all the must-see artworks in the Light to Night Festival, an urban art festival organised by the National Gallery of Singapore, and I Light Singapore, a sustainable light art festival presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Here’s the route: Start your journey in Marina Bay Sands at the Helix Bridge with The Time Vortex (above), a light work that makes the bridge appear like a portal to the future.

Continue down the Marina Bay Waterfront where you will come across Prospegtive Perspective (above), a sculpture made from transparent clothes pegs, which frames the Marina Bay skyline and makes for an attractive picture. Don’t miss Sails Aloft on the water, a holographic art installation inspired by a 19th century sailboat.

Turn the corner from the waterfront promenade to The Promontory @ Marina Bay and be dazzled by the scale and spectacle of the Squiggle (above), where 200 metres of digital neon tubes light up the landscape. Keep walking towards the lawn next to One Marina Boulevard, where Les Footballeurs is; the lighting creates the visual effect of a footballer and goalkeeper in action.

Turn the corner again and walk along the waterfront to One Fullerton, where you will find the Flower Clock – made up of rotating, illuminated dials that bring to mind flowers spinning around. Continue towards the Esplanade and duck under the Esplanade Bridge, for TIME FRAME | DONIS (above), a majestic projection of real-time information about Singapore in the form of attention-grabbing text and numbers.

Cross the Singapore River and head towards the Asian Civilisations Museum Green and be mesmerised by Resonance, a glittering tunnel, and Sticks (above) a large-scale sculpture inspired by the childhood game of pick-up sticks.

Head towards Boat Quay, along the Singapore River promenade, for With A View (above) outside Parliament House. Mirrors, shaped like shophouse windows, are used to create the illusion of the windows receding into an infinite distance. The Elgin Bridge has Run Beyond on its façade, which shows a stop-motion like play of a man making a jump, and Good Fortune, at its underpass, which brings to mind larger-than-life raindrops. Nearby is Constructive Interference; stand on one end, peer through the misaligned square and rectangle frames, and get someone to snap a portrait picture for you.

Finish up at the National Gallery Singapore with Secret of the Sand, Written in the Stars, Snapshots in Time (above), a specially commissioned façade projection that includes key moments, stories and memories in Singapore’s 700-year history.

We can’t wait to share more awesome content with you. This is going to be so much fun.

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