Why be serious when you can be seriously funny
Actors Siti Khalijah Zainal (left) and Judee Tan (right), deftly demonstrate in Meenah and Cheenah, how racial stereotypes can be reclaimed and celebrated through comedy. (Photo: Dream Academy)

Why be serious when you can be seriously funny

Shining a light on racial stereotypes is something actors Judee Tan and Siti Khalijah Zainal take seriously. So, they are bringing back their 2016 sold-out comedy, Meenah and Cheenah, which humorously explores cultural differences, while showing how friendship can bloom despite them.

The show comprises a series of sketches that feature pairs of Malay and Chinese characters, including a Malay pontianak (vampire) and a Chinese Hungry Ghost, the 15th century Malaccan Princess Hang Li Po and her Malay handmaiden, as well as a pair of Malay and Chinese social media influencers.

Reviews of the 2016 production praised the show for its honest yet humorous examination of Singapore’s racial stereotypes, and for allowing the audience to come together to laugh at themselves. The rerun promises more of the same, but with some of the skits and jokes updated, so that those who caught the show before can re-watch it again and still be surprised.

With the comedy being, at heart, a celebration of Singapore’s multicultural society and Singaporeans’ unique sense of humour, we had the actors share with us three burning questions – and answers – from a Cheenah to a Meenah, and vice-versa.

Burning questions from a Cheenah to a Meenah

Q: Eh Meenah, you all eat with your hands right. Your manicure how ah?
A: Whenever I eat turmeric, my fingers will turn yellow, so tomorrow, just go and do again lah. I’m endorsed what!

Q: Eh, why when Malay people say hello, they kiss hands ah?
A: It’s a sign of respect!

Q: Why Meenah foundation always one shade lighter ah?
A: Who say one shade lighter? It’s just not oxidised yet!

Burning questions from a Meenah to a Cheenah:

Q: Why you all wear oversized tops until cannot see your shorts?
A: What shorts ah?

Q: One month how much you spend on eyelid tape?
A: Not that much lah, if you can find the right Ah Beng wholesale supplier from JB.

Q: You all always bleach your hair, got headache or not?
A: Sometimes, but after that my head always feels lighter leh!


Details on Meenah and Cheenah here.

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